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The Power of the Higher Self or Subconscious — What is it exactly?

The concept of the Higher Self is one that stirs up a lot of debate within spiritual and psychology circles. But the irony is both schools of thought confirm its existence as a fundamental part of our being and/or consciousness – they simply refer to it by different names. The Higher Self is the common term used within metaphysical and esoteric studies with the Subconscious being the equivalent in psychology – first brought into the public awareness by Carl Jung in the early 1900s. However, for the sake of consistency, we’ll refer to it as the Higher Self, although both terms are interchangeable.

Your Higher Self is the internal, eternal part of you that never dies. It is your soul essence and the part of you that makes you – YOU! There is no denying or hiding from it, because it is an integral part of your being and lived experiences throughout this and countless other lifetimes – it knows every word spoken, every action taken and everything you have ever seen. But it is always working with you – never against you. And it’s entirely possible to connect directly with this part of yourself and benefit from the wealth of insight it has to offer. Although in reality, you’re never disconnected.

In more grounded terms, you could think of your Higher Self as a bit like Siri or Alexa for your mental landscape in that it can call up information from any of your previous experiences in this life and beyond when asked to do so. It has access to everything that has ever been imprinted on your psyche, cellular and DNA memory banks, and will always return with the most beneficial answers to your questions. It’s a multi-dimensional aspect of consciousness that is at once: your past, present and future selves and spirit guides working in unison. It’s the totality of your being, which is why some people also refer to it as the Oversoul.

If you’ve ever had a ‘knowing’ that you simply had to follow-through with or felt intuitively guided to do something that goes against your conscious thought process – that is your Higher Self! Whenever you’ve felt moved by an idea or excited by a new oppurtunity, it is your Higher Self signalling to you that you’re on the right path. If you want to become more in tune with this part of your being, simply follow your excitement. It will never lead you astray. It is your internal guidance system that is always trying to steer you towards the experiences that allow you to take the step in your personal development.

One of the main benefits of Beyond Quantum Healing is that it allows you enter a state where you can have conscious communication with your Higher Self. By doing so, you can access the inner wisdom deep within your soul, asking direct questions about anything from your physical health, life purpose, career and relationship difficulties to any other area of your life that might be out of alignment. You do not need to be special, gifted, or a born psychic. This experience is open to everyone and made possible through specialised induction techniques used within BQH.

Your Higher Self is a deep repository on the entire history of you – on everything you have been, done, seen, heard and felt over countless lifetimes. It is a higher consciousness of pure intent, unaffected by the emotional decision-making, bias and prejudice of your conscious self. It sees everything through the perspective of neutrality and only will offer the most benevolent advice for both yourself and those around to you. Connecting with your Higher Self  in this way is a beautiful experience, which many people report has brought about a profound change in how they view themselves and interact with the world around them.

Here is the late Dolores Cannon, talking about her interpretation of the Higher Self/Subconscious. Although in this instance she chooses to refer to this aspect of conscious as the subconscious, she is in fact referring to the Higher Self, as well.

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