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Therapeutic hypnosis combined with neuroplasticity assists with weight loss, self-esteem, helps to overcome phobias, fear of public speaking, unwanted habits such as smoking and procrastination. Hypnosis can also access inner resources for creativity, insight and growth. 

You are not asleep while in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of your mind where you are able to open your subconscious mind to beneficial suggestions that will help you reach your desired outcome. The process of hypnosis gives the subconscious mind a suggestion for change or improvement. Everyone experiences a hypnotic-like state in moments of daydreaming, intense concentration and when entering and exiting sleep.

The charts below indicate Brain Wave patterns that are produced by the human brain every day. Hypnosis is experienced in the Alpha and Theta patterns and is a very normal and natural state of being.

The success of hypnosis depends on the motivation of the client. Some goals are reached immediately, others take more reinforcement as each individual is different.​

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Session Rate: 90min / $170

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