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BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing is a form of regressive hypnosis that assists you in overcoming your current life challenges and limiting beliefs. The focus of BQH is all about getting to the root cause of your present issues by exploring the events of your past lives.

During the hypnotic session, you’ll be guided to the most relevant time and place relating to your current challenges, which will allow you to finally bring resolve and detach from the negative experiences that are holding you back.

You will learn how your other lives affect your current life, and you will receive answers to your questions about your career, physical health, relationship issues and anything else you be struggling with. You can discover what your life purpose is, why you chose to come into this life, the origins of your challenges and how to heal from these challenges. These are just examples of what you can uncover. The possibilities are numerous. You could bring a list of up to 10 questions with you to the session.

BQH is a modified version of the QHHT.

Session Rate: 2 hr / $200