Usui Reiki level I certification course

The focus in this class will be on opening your energy channels on a physical level which will be done through attunements. You receive the Reiki I placement, or initiation, which allows Reiki to be channeled through your hands. Each student receives an extensive class manual.

This class includes:

  • History of Reiki

  • Attunements to Reiki I 

  • The five elements of Reiki

  • Reiki Principles

  • The Hara

  • Anatomic Illustrations for Reiki

  • Aura scanning

  • Aura and Energy body Cleansing /Sweeping

  • Energizing

  • Stabilizing Prana

  • Full body treatment  - hand positions

  • Treating other people, animals and plants 

  • Self-treatment

  • Rapid Reiki Treatment

  • Group Reiki Treatment

  • Reiki and Pregnancy, Babies & Children  

  • Raising vibrations

  • Emotional blocks release

  • Healing of the past

  • Intuition deepening

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Certificate of training achievement for level I


Usui Reiki level II certification course


​In Reiki II students learn the three Usui Reiki symbols and their uses. These make the practitioners' Reiki flow stronger and enable them to send Reiki across space and time to individuals and outcomes. Techniques using the symbols are taught that are helpful in resolving questions, restoring mental and emotional balance, and changing habits. Students practice doing a long-distance Reiki treatment and using the techniques on each other.

This class includes:

  • Attunements to Reiki II

  • The Japanese Reiki healing symbols

  • Tree pillars of Reiki

  • Empowering your goals with Reiki

  • Additional Non-Traditional Reiki Symbols

  • Long-distance Reiki

  • Sending Reiki to the past

  • Sending Reiki to the future

  • Sending Reiki to Places, Situations and World Events or Disasters

  • Sending Reiki to Multiple People/Events/Situations

  • Other Reiki techniques: Joshin Kokyu Ho, Kenyoku Ho, Byosen, KokiHo and Gyoshi Ho

  • Clearing and energizing rooms and spaces

  • Extra Reiki Hand Positions

  • Animal Reiki Techniques

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Certificate of training achievement for level II 

Usui Reiki Master certification course

Master-level training is for Reiki practitioners who want to teach, who want to be more effective healers and those who simply wish to deepen their personal healing and spiritual practice. In this class, you will be guided through a series of meditations and initiations which are conducted over the course of the three days, each one building on the previous ones. These experiences are deeply healing on all levels. 


• Reiki I and II from any teacher and lineage
• At least 6 months of practice using Reiki II
• Ability to draw the Reiki II symbols and repeat their mantras from memory

This class includes:

  • Attunements to Reiki Master

  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol

  • Non-traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol

  • How to attune others to Reiki Level I, II, and III

  • How to perform Reiki distant attunements

  • The direct intention method

  • Reiju Self-Empowerment technique 

  • How to give Reiju

  • How to perform long-distance Reiju

  • Healing meditations and guided imagery for self & others

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Certificate of training achievement for Master/teacher